Hello Lovely people! August Component of the Month is here already, can you believe it! This months components were these beautiful rustic stoneware coin pendants by the ultra talented Diana P. of Suburban Girl Studio LLC, Diana also wrote a great post showing all the work that goes into making these beauties Here.

Photo by Diana and shamelessly stolen from AJE site as I was so excited to get playing with mine that I did not think to photograph it first! I received a beautiful dark blue one, and here is what I did with it....
Carpe Noctem Necklace

Carpe Noctem, Live for the night! As you may have guessed I was inspired by the beautiful dark blue  colour in this piece! I started by making a copper backing plate so that I could set a 8mm kyanite cab in the centre of the disc, then I went rumaging through my beads looking for treasures with the same colours in.

I ended up choosing a Galaxy lampwork bead by Redayh, a stone star that I got from a lovely little shop in St Ives, a old and rather worn looking ammonite also from Cornwall (I may have been bead shopping on holiday) and a deep blue faceted pearl (that took forever to re-drill and make the hole bigger)!

I love the beautiful texture on these disc's, they really are just wonderful!

And the being worn shot, unfortuntly my model is on holiday so you will have to make do with these rather poor attempts at selfies...

Massive thank you to Diana for gifting us all with these beautiful pieces to work with  and I hope you will join me to see what the AJE team and guests have created....


AJE Team

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