Art Elements Theme Challenge, October - Eyes

This month our October theme - eyes, was chosen by the wonderful Laney Mead and I have had such a roller coaster of emotions making my piece!

I had these elements blue tacked on my wall for so long, but I never got around to making the piece as I was, well ....scared! This has been the most complicated, the largest and the most expensive piece I have made to date and I was rather worried I would mess it up.

I never normally draw designs but I thought this might help keep me calm! I was hoping for a magical talisman kind of look?!?!

 After two solid days of sawing soldering and hoping, it worked!!!

I still need to make some kind of chain and I may well add more LOS and some more texture as I want it looking older and well loved!

But I'm really happy with how it turned out. It has 14mm amethyst, wolf eyes by Laura Mears, a Tiffany stone, some petrified wood by Designer Cabochons and some touches of gold, plus there is a 14mm moonstone on the back....

With a hand sawn wolf and a cast silver Crinoid star.

Thank you Laney with out your challenge I never would have got around to making this piece!!!

AE Team


  1. Niky, I admire your Metalsmithing skills and understand the time involved in making all these bezels! Your piece is stunning and your choice of stones, etc. is absolutely perfect!!

  2. I love it, all of it, the front, the back, the whole composition. It is gorgeous and was worth all of the work!

  3. I am in awe! Not sure what I should write because the pieces rather leaves me speechless! Just wow! :)

  4. I am blown away! When I first saw your drawing of this piece on IG I knew it would be a stunning piece. The drawing itself is a work of art. But I am in awe of your sawing and soldering skills. This piece is so lovely I would wear it all the time!

  5. I love your metalsmith skills. I can only imagine the work that went into your piece. It is wonderful.

  6. This piece makes my heart skip a beat! It's divine! I totally get the talisman feel for it. I'm sure aging it will give it even more - and I can't even... Wow! The back is just as beautiful as the front. YAY you for going for it and KILLING IT!

  7. OMG....wow!! if there were prizes for outstanding blog creations you win! that is just incredible.. I am a little lost for words!

  8. Exquisite is the first word that came to mind. It is quite simply perfection. I'm so very glad that this challenge gave you the courage to finish that beautiful work of art!

  9. Too beautiful for words. I can't find any perfect words to describe it.

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  11. I was impressed with your peek at the design sketch/painting and now am blown away by the finished piece. Such great composition and even the details on the back are perfect.

  12. Oh I thought I had commented, I so love your pendant the wolf eyes are beautiful, I love your drawings too. And the howling wolf on the back is fabulous so intricate to cut no doubt!! I have no patience for small things I have such chunky fingers ha ha!!
    Elaine ❤️

  13. SO incredible. Your drawing is art in itself. WoW, awestruck!

  14. WOW - just wow. That piece is stunning! Love the colors and the eyes of the wolf just looking at you. It is magnificent.

  15. I have no words. I bow down to your mastery, your stunning design, your perseverance, your accomplishment. Holy sh*t, woman.

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