So yesterday I went to my very first craft show at Sandown Race Course and I was in awe! There were sooooo many lovely things there, from crystals to quilts and all sorts in between. It was that good that I had to keep myself busy today so I was not tempted to go back.
One of the interesting things I saw when there and one of the only things I brought was a décopatch kit.

This is what I got...

A couple of boxes a couple of papers some varnish/glue and a brush. It was incredibly easy and the papers come in lots of different designs....

And you can literally cover ANYTHING! From the cute wooden letters and animal shapes that they supply to desks, chairs and someone has even done a car! Yes a real car!
I'm thinking I would like to do something for the girls bedroom maybe a desk of chair, Think I might head to the charity shops and see what bargains I can find!!!

Oh and what happened to my box??...

OK so I don't quiet have the knack of tearing it into small pieces and randomly placing and maybe I have a thing for neatness (this dose not extend to my work space, oh the mess)! But I think if I have a few more goes it will get better!
And whats in the little box I hear you ask???!!!
It's my Bead Soup ingredients that are now in the post on there way to my wonderful partner!

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  1. Go for it.... ages since I went there... ages and ages... I'm slightly envious :-) x x x


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