Bees! The April Theme Reveal!

Thank you all for joining us for this months Art Element Theme Challenge, I don't know about you but this was a much welcomed distraction for me! I, as always was hoping to make more but life happens and I got one project that I had wanted to do for a while done!

As soon as I saw this gold work bee in the Stitch magazine (June/July 2019 issue 119) by Georgina Bellamy aka that embroidery girl I knew I wanted to make it I just needed a push, and this challenge was it!

I can't follow instructions so mine is a little different but I enjoyed the challenge. Gold work is incredibly fiddly and the photos don't show how small this piece is, it's less then 2 inches (my hands make every thing look bigger)!

The piece in the magazine had a pearl for its back end but I was desperate to use this lovely lamp work bee bead by Stephanie White.

Here is the finished piece, it's a pendent at the moment but I think I will turn it into a brooch or maybe  frame it?

Thank you so much for visiting, I can't wait to see what everyone else has created!

AE team:

Evie and Beth


  1. Oh Niky, that is simply stunning!! I love it.

  2. Oh WOW! That is magnificent! Thanks for this wonderful theme this month - it was indeed a great distraction and direction :)

  3. The above unknown comment was me. My son and I are using Chrome alternatively to do school work, and it defaulted to his school login. ;)

  4. Thank you for the bee theme. I loved it. Your piece is just stunning. I can see why you wanted to use the lovely lamp work bee bead by Stephanie White. it is very special. I would wear that necklace as often as I could. Well done!

  5. Stunning! Is the first adjective that came to my mind .. and your choice of bead is just perfect. I join the others in thanking you for the theme that seems to have given many of us something else to ponder in these virus-filled times.

  6. Ohmygoodness! I can't even imagine doing something so intricate. It's beautiful! And, that lampwork bead is perfect. Framing it sounds like an excellent idea, but it's more likely more people will see it (when we're able to see people again) if it's worn. In any case, your bee is amazing. And, thank you for a great theme!!

  7. Wow Niky that's incredibly beautiful! That bead is fabulous as well! Thanks for a great challenge!

  8. I don't know anything about goldwork, but that is gorgeous. I love how adapted the design and the lampwork bee bead within the bee pendant. It's a gorgeous necklace and would als make a fabulous brooch. But it's also worthy of a frame as a stunning piece of art.

  9. I'm speechless! This is stunning! I would leave it as a necklace and forever enjoy the oooohs and ahhhhs every time I wore it. Beautiful!

  10. The bee is gorgeous. You should try Zardosi embroidery with tiny metal springy tubes if you want to do metallic 3D embroidery

  11. Absolutely lovey design! Beautiful in every way!

  12. Wow! This looks as though it would take a lot of time and concentration to create, and it's beautiful. Intricate indeed. I love your spin on the original idea with that gorgeous glass bead.

  13. I am absolutely speechless! This is so amazing. Your goldwork embroidery is so perfect. The bee bead was perfect for his hind end also! thanks for a fun theme challenge.

  14. The pendant is stunning! I love how you incorporated the lampwork bead into the piece. That is simply amazing!

  15. Wow! I love this so much. Its a work of art. I'd love to see it framed on a simple piece of Hessian or muslin.

  16. Goldwork is amazing to me - I have no idea how its accomplished! Its stunning! I think the bee bead is def more appropriate than a pearl. As to framing/wearing.... I think an open shadowbox frame - where you could remove it and wear it! I doubt it would come out for everyday use - but special occasions? Thanks for a great theme!

  17. Wow! That's pretty incredible! I love your choice to use that lovely lampwork instead of the pearl.


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