Mmmmm opal

The soldering gods were smiling two days in a row and I managed to make this.....

OK, so I properly could have made it in one night (with a tad more confidence and a touch less coffee) but it was one of those unplanned moments, when the kids have all gone to bed and actually fallen asleep (never happens), the other half was working till late, I had actually done all the house work (I know) and got to the point where you think hmmmm what now....

That very, very rarely happens! Then this kind of made its self, not perfect (hey it's only my second bezel and it turns out triangle are harder then circles, doh) but I really, really like it....

Though I think I might have to make it into a necklace, and oh my, how hard are opals to photo???
These shots took forever and I still did not get a single photo with the bright green flash on the bottom of this stunning stone.
Defiantly have to make more, might have to try an open back bezel next, practice my sawing skills...



  1. that is stunning. I love how you made it part of the clasp!

  2. It's beautiful!

  3. WOW!! That is a wonderful stone! I think the setting is perfect. and how cool would it be if you could make it a convertible necklace/bracelet...I'm thinking brown and blue/green silk going up one side and attaching to the clasp. But, what ever you do...It is absolutely beautiful!! I'm going to have to find some of the boulder opal!!

  4. beautiful! keep up the good work with the bezel making and I could be using your bezel making services in the future!


  5. Wow, that is absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Oooh, these are stunning! And all it took were sleeping babies . . . thank you for sharing this beautiful work - and for your sweet birthday message to my little girl, xoxo


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