How to sell your Handmade Jewellery

Now this has become a subject of much interest to me this year. When I started making jewellery it was just something to do in my spare time, I had given up work to raise my daughter and needed something to keep me busy. Soon I amassed quiet a collection and rather then stop making it I started to sell a few pieces to family and friends with quiet some success. 

Then began my love of art beads and my love for jewellery just grew, as did my collection, so I decided to open a ETSY shop, Unfortunately without much success! I did not know the first thing about selling online, but this I plan to change!
So to date I have had 5 sales on my ETSY shop, now I am so grateful for those sales and I can not put into words the elation I felt when my phone pinged to tell me I had actually sold something, but 5 sales in 4 years is not what I would call a success, BUT 3 of those sales were in 2013, so what happened in 2013 that was different to the other 3 years? 
Well I started to show my work off more, I posted a pic of a pair of earrings on a facebook competitions, and then within days that pair sold and so did a similar pair, now any normal person would have seen this link and continued to post pics but not me as I have always been a bit slow on the uptake of things, but this year I am all about trying to promote and encourage sales! 

Now I got those two sales because I had my logo on my photo so people knew who made that item and because I am easy to find on the Internet, if you type Silver Niknats into goggle it shows up my blog, my ETSY shop, my facebook page, my flickr account and so on. 

TIP-As a massive Internet buyer I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to find a pic of a beautiful bead (or piece of jewellery) and not know who made it or worse finding out who made it and not knowing where to buy their stuff from!!! Putting a logo on your work and being able to find an Internet presence is so important (so I have learnt something at last).

My third sale was a commission, The amazing Lori Anderson of The Bead Soup Blog Party had one of  her beautiful necklaces published in Belle Armoire Jewelry and as I had sent her a button that she used in the piece, she kindly named me and my shop in her article!!!

Which prompted a lovely lady to contact me to ask if I could make some for her, not one to say no, I made these up for her...

Not actually jewellery but still enjoyable to make, and still a sale (note the logo)! So getting into magazines helps, even if it is scary (note to self try to get into magazines, doh)!

So how do WE make more sales? The Internet is FULL of suggestions, seriously I was so overwhelmed with the amount of information on this subject that I started over thinking it almost completely gave up! 

Then I came across Marie Forleo and this Video, it really struck a chord with me, so much so that I have watched it twice (it takes me a little while for me to remember things), and I am hoping it helps you too!

I know that there is no magic way to quickly improve sales and I know it will take a lot of hard work but I will post more hints and tips (that I hope some of you may find useful) along the way, so why not join me if you have any hints or tips please feel free to leave them in the comments and here is to better sales in 2014!

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