Ancient Egypt via London

During the summer holidays the children enjoyed learning about Ancient Egypt which included a day trip to London to see Cleopatra's Needle....

and then on to The British Museum which was utterly fantastic (and there website is amazing too)! They currently have 8 mummies on display each with there own fascinating stories!

They have a selection of both natural (shallow grave in the desert type) and man made mummies (organs removed and wrapped in bandages type), male and female, old and young (the youngest being a two year old boy and also a seven year old girl, both unusual because children were rarely mummified).

I did not get many photos as the rooms were very crowded, but they were truly stunning to behold. I did how ever manage to get a couple of jewellery shots of course....

I so need a ring like this!

There were a vast array of amulets in a multitude of diffrent materials 

Mess maker throughly enjoyed the day but insisted that she really should dress up as an Egyption to fully understand what it was like (all in the name of resurch, nothing to do with getting a lovely new dress)! So....

Thanks to the wonders of Ebay she got to be Cleopatra!

And insisted on wearing it every where for a whole week!

We also tried making some Ancient Egyptian food (thanks to a book from the library).

Home made pitta, Dukkah dip, chicken kebabs and date and cinnamon balls, and they seemed to enjoy it, well all bar the date balls! 

Have a wonderful day lovely people!

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