Ancient Jewellery, The British Museum, third and final part

So I saved the best till last (well in my opinion)! The third and final photo's of The British Museum are all about the Jewellery (again please excuse the poor quality photos once again I have broken my camera again and am having to use my iphone).

Starting with one of the most beautiful pieces of gold work ever, I can not even imagine the work that went into this one!

I have already shown this pic but I really do love it! 
'Gold ring with the name Thutmose III'

Selection of beautiful gold rings with seals on them (owning a beautiful old seal one day is on my to do list) Oh and you can even see my phone in this one (you would not belive how many photo I ruine with my own reflection!

Lion heads, More amazing gold.

I love the design of these rings! 

Stunning supper fine gold chain, I love the beautiful clasp  on this piece!

Such beautiful gold and gem necklaces

Such a fancy clasp on this one....

Lovely links on this green one....

Beautiful set stones

This one looks like an amazing amount of work....

I totally love these....

 Beautiful Egyptian Faience melon beads.

I do wish I had time to get all of the information about the pieces, the where and when they were made and found but any visit we have to a museum with a two year old has to be a fast moving one, while he likes to look at the lovely shiny things he dose not like to linger!!!!

While in London we were lucky enough to fine the sweetest little Antiquity shop just across the road from the British Museum and we picked up these little beauties. I wanted to leave with at least half of the stuff in there but settled for just these (this time but we will go back)! I think I might prong set them with an open back so you can see both sides of the coin and use them in a bracelet or two!

Have a great day you lovely lot!

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