Today I am joining in with Therese and Christine's A Time To Stitch Seven Bead Embroidery hop, So let me start by saying that I am not a seed beader, I own some because while shopping at bead shows they have lots of them on display, and they are lovely colours and I am weak willed, "oh pretty shiny, I am sure I will use them some how!" But I do like to try new things so I joined in again, to give it a good, and this time I managed to make some thing, well after a few tangles and a fair few knots that is.....

Unfortunately it is not a finished piece of jewellery (wow dose sewing tiny beads take ALOT of time) but I did finish the embroidery bit. It's an old Spanish coin, I even sewed on the backing thingy....

And I am rather happy with this one, I do have plans for what it will turn into as well....

I'm thinking cap the spike with silver and copper like I did for my Bead peeps piece and attempt an beaded and metal chain of some kind!!

I rather enjoyed the sewing part so I started another coin....

I'm thinking maybe a few of these all linked together and because I have creative attention deficit disorder I also started making these....

These little tiny's are going to be earrings, so now I am on a mission to finish these pieces, before I start any more!

A massive thank you to Therese and Christine for hosting such a fun and challenging hop and I do hope you will join me, hopping around to see what the other partisapants have created....

                                              1.       Therese (Host) 
2.       Christine  (Host)
3.       Amy
4.       Lola
5.       Lori F
6.       Kim
7.       Becky Pancake
8.       Karin G.
9.       Debbie (Kepi)
10.   LizE
11.   Maryanne
12.   Paula
13.   Wendy
14.   Janet
15.   Jasvanti
16.   Ginger
17.   Alicia
18.   Bobbie
19.   Shirley
20.   Sarah
21.   Cynthia
22.   Lizzie
23.   Samantha
24.   Sally
25.   Niki
26.   Karen W.

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