Much ado about nothing....

Just over 2 1/2 weeks until we move!
We have already had to start packing because of the sheer amount of stuff/junk we have! Along with the packing has come ebaying, friday adding, and if all else fails free cycleing!
It seems strange to be getting rid of so much stuff but still having to go shopping because there is so many other things we need, but we now have most of the important stuff.
I spent most of today covering a photo album for 18th birthday present/family tree/photo album that my arnt is making for a kind of long lost relative of ours. It started off very old fashioned, dark brown binding with navy blue cover but after a couple of hours unscrewing, lots of double sided stucky tape, ribon and wrapping paper ended looking like this....

As shown here by my wonderful assistant mess maker! I think I might take up scrap booking some day! On the jewellery making front not much going on as I am lacking in motavation at the moment well that and school holidays!!!

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