Ok so now I've got my hallmark I dont really have many excuses left for not putting more stock in my shop, So I've been working on trying to get better photos!
Photographing jewellery has all ways been pretty hit or miss with me and I can do with all the help I can get!
I have followed lots of helpful advice and tips that I've been given in jewellery forums, such as use natural day light (hmmmm England and winter so that ones against me!), Take photos in the bath (all to do with white suroundings and how this effects the color drawn in to the pic!!! This would have worked better if I did not have soooo many spot down lighters in the bathroom, but was ok) and the all important read your camaras instruction manual! (I have done this honest but the blasted thing is on the way out! I know, I know, workmen and blaming there tools comes to mind but thats the very next thing on the list).
Any who This has been my latest toy....

A rather cheap portable photo studio kit. I've had a bit of a play with it and I'm still not sure if I like it or not! It works well at difusing the light so I dont get lots of reflection on the glass and the silver but It did not come with any sort of instructions so I'm not even sure that I have it set up right! This is an example of it in use.....

Still not b100% happy so off to do more resurch I think! I did however just stumble across Small Object Photography for artists and craft makers blog so I think that maybe my next port of call.

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