Zentangle and Basha beads

While flicking through blogs as I some times like to do I came across one about Zentangle.
It is basically a kinda of doodling and strangely very relaxing! Here is my attempt at one....

Not bad for a first try, but I think I'll have to work on my shading!

So I'm defiantly back to loving the postal service. Take a look at what I got from America....

It's a Basha Bead (by Barbara Metzger) designed to replicate the ancient look of Roman glass (I love Roman glass)! I brought it from Andrew Thorntons' shop (well worth a look).

It's quiet hard to photograph as it has a layered effect/depth that just dose not come out on the camera.

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  1. Your first Zentangle is SOOOOO much better than mine!


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