Flutterball bracelet

Simple butterfly bracelet....

Sterling silver handmade 2 in 1 chain with handmade clasp and a beautiful violet flutterball by the wonderful Becky at Chameleon Designs wrapped in some sterling wire.

Close up shot of the beautiful bead.

Would you believe this photo was taken in my kitchen late at night, just a chunk of crystal on a black marble chopping board, no fancy lighting, no special camera settings, other then macro, just a few lucky shots that came out quiet well!
The lovely crystal that the bracelet is on (I have no idea what type it is) was a complete bargain, £4 at a charity shop (I love charity shops and car boots because they remind me of when my grandad used to take me around the local  ones when I was small also you never know what treasures you will find)!
Another macro shot....

I love spring. The blosoms are mostly gone now but they were soooo beautiful!

Have a great day


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