Old made new

I've been ill *cough* for a couple of weeks now *sniff*, I finally gave in and went to the doctors on Monday, *cough* *cough* .... Chest infection.
It seems that germs kill off the creative streak *sniff* as I had not made any thing in what seems like ages, and laying around doing nothing resting has not helped, in fact it makes me feel worse (I hate having nothing to do) *cough*.
So what to do when you feel ill..... Play with fire (properly not recommended, by people of sound mind)
A touch of fusing later and....

I love Roman glass,

It seems to have done the trick, creative juices are running once again, in fact I now want to take this apart agin, add some texture to the fused links with hammering, then some liver of sulphur then a rub down to high light the texture and then maybe *cough* *cough* some more dangles...

Yep feeling better already, rest is over rated.

Have a fantastic day

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