Print tray II

I have not done much in the way of making over the past week as I have been painting my bedroom, but now the walls are finally finished I managed to hang my second print tray/jewellery display.... 

I really love it! I decided not to paint this one as it looked so nice after all the wood was cleaned, so I just buffed it with a bit of wax to give it a light shine. Now I need to find a light fitting and some finishing touches.

I managed to knock up a couple of pairs of earrings while waiting for the paint to dry. A pink lampwork pair, that are very me and....

A more rustic looking pair with some lovely sparkly navy goldstone, I'm hoping to get some time to practice my soldering next week as mess maker is going back to play school (shes not been for the last three weeks due to sickness and school holidays) wish me luck!

Have a great weekend


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