Boobs and bracelets

Hello wonderful people out there, I though I would pop by and show some pics of what I have been making.

I got asked to make another boobs birthday cake, but the gent that this one was for did not like royal icing so I had to use butter icing instead....

I found out I don't like butter icing its impossible to get a nice smooth finish and really hard to colour, the bra was supposed to be bright blue but it took a whole pot of food colouring just to get this pale colour, just as well kids wont be eating it as they would get mega hyper!

I have also been working on a few plain chainmaille bracelets to really show off the beautiful clasps from Daisy Chain Extra (I LOVE these clasps they are the perfect finishing touch). This is the only one I have finished so far....

Now I just need the pile of washing up to do it's self and the energy to finish the others!

Have a great weekend what ever you are up to

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