Focus On Life Week 21~Reminisce

Hmmm Reminisce, this was a hard one for me because I kept thinking I should take a photo of an object that has lots of memories for me but have never been one to keep things from my past, not even photos. I don't like having lots of junk, although my other half would disagree with that (he thinks all my jewellery making things are junk, even tho he buys me more every Christmas). 

It was not until I was out walking about that I came across this old looking shop that triggered a few memories of my childhood that it dawned on me that it dose not have to be an object of mine....

When I was very little my Nan and Grandad lived in a tiny village that did not even have a sweet shop but they did have a man that drove a sweet van, it was a huge lorry type of van and you could climb in the back of the van and you would be surrounded by shelves and shelves of penny sweets (oh the days when you could buy handfuls of sweets for only a few pennies) well seeing this shop fills me with that same excitement that I had way back then mmmmmmm sweets, But now days I have a lot more self control, well enough self control not to buy every thing in sight!

Have a great day

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