Focusing on life - look up

For this weeks Focus on Life photo the fantastic Sally asked us to change our perspective and look up. Now this prompt could not be more me, I'm that person that walks 'splat' into huge glass doors in front of everyone, trips up curbs, and very often walks into strangers on the street because I'm too busy looking at other stuffs to see where I'm going. 
Not to mention that at almost 5 ft small, every thing is above my eye level (I have been known to climb on shelves in the supermarket to be able to reach things on the top shelf and one of the reasons I like taking the kids shopping is that the older two are now both much taller and make climbing unnecessary, you get some very odd looks if you climb in supermarkets)!!!
These photos (I could not choose just one) were taken on our latest trip to London last weekend at the Natural History Museum, before I even knew what the topic would be this week....

The building was just as amazing as the things it housed

I loved the monkeys climbing up the walls

every where you looked there was some thing to see

Hows that for a door frame and heres another....

All so beautiful

And from a room called 'The Vault' (with a name like that you just know its going to be good), a couple of pics I just had to show my fellow magpies....

The Aurora Pyramid of Hope

The note read....
"This stunning array of 296 naturally coloured diamonds has taken more then 25 years to collect. It shows the full range of colours in which diamonds can be found. 
Under ultraviolet light you can see another, hidden quality. The diamonds glow, showing colours quiet different from the ones you see in normal light.
For the owners, the collection represents the natural beauty of the Earth. It is named after the aurora borealis, the dramatic coloured light displays that sometime illuminate the sky in the northern hemisphere. Aurora was also the Roman goddess of dawn, symbolising hope for a new beginning.
The owners want the collection to be looked at as a work of art, inspiring you to value beauty and to protect our shared natural heritage for the future."

Now while I am very inspired by this piece the OCD part of me wanted to rearrange it into the colours of the rainbow which leads to my next pic....

Opals, such beautiful opals. I wish I had more beautiful pics to show you of the stunning treasures they had but it seems that when it comes to rocks, crystals and even diamonds with small children once they have seen one they have seen them all, even more so when you are in a building that contains huge dinosaurs!!!!

Have a great day x

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