Art Jewelry Boot Camp: Wire Work Out Blog Hop!

The Art Jewelry Boot Camp is all about wire this time round. I use a lot of wire in the jewellery I make but as it is supposed to be a challenge I thought I would try some thing new to me, a few Internet searches later and I come across Nichole Hanna and her beautiful wire wrapped jewellery, as soon as I saw her tutorial for a wire wrapped key pendent I fell in love with it and had to give it a try (click here to see my first attempt) I had to change the design up a little as I can't for the life of me follow instructions but here is my third try....

Sterling silver and lampwork (Beads by the Amazing Laura Sparling) and already I want to make a forth!
Next up I tried a little wire soldering to come up with this....

Sterling silver, blue gold stone and lampwork head pin (by Nadin Art Glass)
It's not quiet finished yet tho as I wanted to put in some chunky laborite nuggets but the holes were to teeny tiny for the wire, so I must get some more (Honestly I do NEED some more).

Then my last one is a bangle....
With copper tube, copper wire, a beautiful lamp work bead (by Libby Leu) and lamp work headpin (by Nadin Art Glass again).

Unfortunately, this one is not perfect as the dangle is slightly lopsided so I think I will have to keep it!

Have a great day x

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