Focus on Life Week 22 Foodie

Hmmm, now I have to admit I am no foodie, I have children so I have to cook, but I neither enjoy it nor am I very good at it! I put it down to the pressure of expectations! Mostly I HATE cooking for my other half, because he is a much better cook than I am, he understands herbs and spices and what go with what and even remembers what ingredients go into what ever it is he is making, where as my style of cooking is a lot more hap hazard!!! 
The other half calls me queen of the oven, if it goes in the oven I can cook it (Roast dinners are about the only thing I can confidently cook but really is about it, but I'm fine with that).
Now this week was half term and while I have taken many, many photos none of them have been of food, partly due to the fact I have been lucky enough to avoid most cooking this week and partly because  we have eaten out quiet a lot! So I am going to cheat on this post and show you some of the pretty birthday cakes I have made and forgot to post (Cake is food right, and it makes up quiet a large amount of what I eat)....

 This was my nieces  birthday cake half way through, I used a Willson castle cake kit, which made my job 10 times easier, and here it is all finished....

It was so huge I had to finish it off at the party, and here is mess makers 5th birthday cake which was the beginning of May....

She is Laalaaloopsy mad at the moment and luckily for me quiet easily pleased!

I'm really looking forward to everyone else's posts, hopefully I might pic up a new recipes for the other half to cook!

Have a great day

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