Focus on life - Wk 25 & 26

As normal I have fallen a bit behind, on Sally's photo challenge, I must admit I was a tad stumped when it came to the You Are... prompt. It was not a confidence thing I know I have lots of good/great points about me (try saying that and sounding modest) but how to translate that into a photo? Well here goes....

 I am MUM!

The most wonderful thing I am, that covers many other things, such as the very important (I have teenagers) food provider (home made buns and chips yummy), magic kiss giver (more for the baby's but you would be suprised), night time hug giver, bedtime book reader, lullaby singer and many, many more.

Week 26's prompt was any thing we wanted so....

Beads! These are my hoarded beads for Lori's Bead Hoarders Blog Hop, feel free to pop by on the 20th to see how many I manage to use!

Have a great day x

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