Better luck soldering

I had all but given up on soldering, the bother of getting it all set up, the flux bubbling up and knocking all my pieces all over the place, the imposable task of trying to cut the solder into tiny pieces with out losing them then getting the solder to stay where I wanted it, all an awful lot of hassle for about a 50% success rate!!!
I had wanted to give solder paste a try but at £30+ a tube, to give some thing a try, when lets face it I could be buying beads with that money, so beads I brought! But then my supplier decided to start selling smaller tubes for about £10 so I though now its worth a try, and success!
It is so much easier to use....
I finally found the courage to make this ring

The cab is so beautiful, it is by Becky Fairclough of Chameleon Designs

Now I am hopeing that I can come up with a few designs that are a bit more artistic/challenging (I think I may need to start practicing my cutting skills)!

Have a great day, and keep trying new things!

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