AJE Earring Challenge Weeks

Once again I have fallen quiet behind, The baby's first birthday has been and gone and with it came first steps, then running and now climbing so most of my spare time is taken up chasing him around, but I have been trying to get back on track, and use up some of my stash....

Week 27 Recycled glass beads with my own polymer head pins
Week 28 Recycled glass beads with my own polymer head pins

Week 29 These silver drops are from Daisychain Extra. I soldered on some wires to form hooks and a couple of tiny sapphires set in silver (I cheated with these, I can't set any thing other then cabs yet so these are made from PMC, fired and then soldered in place).

Week 30 Lampwork beads by The Great  Laura Sparling

Week 31 Lampwork again by The Great Laura Sparling, Bronze charms by the fab THEA Elements
Week 32 Lampwork again by Laura Sparling (Can you tell she is one of my most favourite lampwork artists?) glass headpins by Nadin Art Glass
Week 33 Lampwork by Kerri beads 

Week 34 Heart ear wires by me, glass headpins by Nadin Art Glass

Week 35 Lampwork again by Laura Sparling

Week 36 glass headpins by Nadin Art Glass

That should leave me just a couple behind and I have ideas for those already! Have a great day x

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