Mojo Challenge Week 1: Challenges & Contests

It's no secret that I do love a good challenge, I find that if I have a deadline to meet then I get things done rather then yeah I'll make that one day when I have 5 minutes (4 children means 5 minutes to myself are few and far between). 
The Wonderful Heather Powers of Humble Beads has come up with a fab one....

Your Assignment: 
Pick a contest or challenge, make something or start something! Blog about it or share your entry on the Facebook group.

So you may well know that I am taking part in The Year Of Jewelry Project well this weeks theme was - Lockets and Boxes. 
Now this theme had me stumped! I'm a self taught, kitchen table kinda jewellery maker that really has no idea how to construct a locket or box, but then I remembered a fantastic tutorial in Beads and Beyond Magazine by the Amazing Joanne Tinley oh it was stunning, two domed silver discs with a bezel set stone in the middle, but try as I might I could not find the magazine (I think in a moment of weakness my other half may have talked me into getting rid of some). So with a very vague idea of how to go about it I came up with this....

A sixpence locket (I have a bit of a thing for coins, can you tell)?

Now I can't bezel set a stone inside a dome for love nor money, I have tried and it was very fiddly and rather messy so instead I thought I would give prong setting a try....

I quiet like it, it makes a lovely jingling sound when it is worn and I had a request from mess maker for one of these but with an emerald (her birth stone) inside!!!

I hope you are having a fantastic day x

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