The Challenge of Music

You wont be surprised to know that I enjoy joining in with Jewellery challenges, and I love Erin's  Challenge Of Music hops but this one has a theme especially close to my heart!
For many years I worked in a care home, caring for adults with Alzheimer's and I have seen first hand the wonderful effect music can have, How quickly a room full of sleeping, unresponsive people can change into younger versions of themselves, as if they have been transported through time to a happier place, where they can remember all the words to a song when only moments before they could not tell you what year it is. The effects music has on these people is truly amazing!

So onto the challenge, My first thought was to do what ever song was top of the charts when I was born, but...

Olivia Newton-John - Physical

This was doing nothing to inspire me! So another big year in my life, possibly the biggest is 1999 specifically 6th December 1999, the day my oldest daughter was born, and by luck the song was much more to my taste....

Santana Feat. Rob Thomas - Smooth

A bit about the song...

(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
"Smooth" is a collaboration between Latin rock band Santana and Rob Thomas of the rock group Matchbox Twenty. The song was written by Thomas and Itaal Shur, sung by Thomas, produced by Matt Serletic and won three Grammy Awards, including Record of the YearSong of the Year, and Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals. It was also the final number-one Hot 100 hit of the 1990s.

I do love this song. After watching it I had so many ideas, I could do some thing with a spanish/boho feel but then I put a bit more thought into the piece, I wanted to be inspired by the music but I also wanted my piece to some how relate to/remind me of my daughter so I listened to the song a few more times and the I listed some of the words that stood out to me, and the part I was most drawn to was....

And It's just like the ocean under the moon 
Well, thats the same as the emotion that I get from you
You got the kind of loving that can be so smooth, yeah.

I really like this part and it lead to me making this....
very smooth (just like my daughter)

It has the most beautiful little sparkles that look like glitter/stars in a dark night sky 

and an amazing blue flash, just like the ocean, So it turned out bold, bright and beautiful just like my daughter! 
Now after I made this I found out that I had made a little mistake (as only I could) and had come up with the tunes that were number one in America rather then number one in the UK but that is very me (rather ditsy) and I'm fine with that (the UK number ones were not that great)!
Thank you Erin for hosting such a fab blog hop, and inspiring me to make a piece that I will treasure forever. I do hope you pop along over to Erin's beautiful blog and see what the other wonderful people have made and have an amazing day x

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