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Inlay is a decorative technique of inserting pieces of contrasting, often coloured materials into depressions in a base object to form patterns or pictures that normally are flush with the matrix.[1] In a wood matrix, inlays commonly use wood veneers, but other materials like shellsmother-of-pearlhorn orivory may also be used. Pietre dure, or coloured stones inlaid in white or black marbles, and inlays of precious metals in a base metal matrix are other forms of inlay. Master craftsmen who make custom knives continue a tradition of ancient techniques of inlaying precious metals; additionally, many new techniques which use contemporary tools have also been developed and utilized as well by artisans.

Now I have not got around to trying any inlaid jewellery (yet) but thought I would show you some of my favourite from ETSY....

Have a wonderful day x

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