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Now I did want to make as many of my posts about jewellery/making as possible and while I could have chosen to write about Keum-boo the ancient Korean gilding technique, but as I have not yet tried this nor do I have the equipment or gold to do so, I thought I would instead introduce another big factor in my jewellery making KIDS! 
I have three of my own and one on long term loan! 
I can arrange my children into 3 categories with regards to jewellery making
    1. Hindrances - The older two fall into this category! As in "Mum I need a necklace for a friends birthday, can you make me one? It's tomorrow!" or "Do we really have to wait in for a delivery of beads?"
    2. Helpful? - Mess maker aka Princess is in this category, she loves to help "play" beads and is the reason I got into jewellery making she is also my bead show buddy, she not only enjoys going to the bead show but she also asks for an allowance so she can buy beads!
    3. Possibly Horrific! - This category is solely for the baby (well not so much of a baby as he will be two in four months) He is every beaders nightmare, he sits on the floor looking sweet and then points at my bead display innocently saying "ball". We have a long one sided discussion about mummy's beads that are defiantly not balls of any kind and then he tries to distract me, by offering me a kiss and his empty juice cup to refill, while he tries to climb on my desk chair and reach my much treasured beads, luckily I am awear of his plan and have moved my chair far from my desk so climb as he might he is too far from the "balls" to go to them, but how long until he realises that my chair is on wheels and he only needs to push it closer to the balls to get them? Then I will have to empty my bead displays!!!! 

Have a fantastic weekend you amazing people x

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