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At the end of September the Little's and I took a trip into Kingston, Yep this hermit went out by choice on a mission to buy a magazine, because look....

How cool is that!

My blog made Blog of the month in the Make and Sell Jewellery mag! There is even a pic of me, OK not a great pic but I hate having my photo taken and my photographer was my 14 year old 'selfie' expert with a camera phone who was trying to convince me to pull a 'duck face' which is not really the look I was going for, I was going for more of a quirky slightly eccentric look....

Tho I think I may have got more of a alarmed, mad, nut case look! So we decided to go with the more normal looking one so as not to scare the readers!
I was very impressed with said 14 year olds talent at multi tasking tho, When I loaded up the photos on the computer I was surprised to find that while taking photos of me she was able to use the back camera to also take more photos of herself with out me even realising, defiantly a trait of a true selfie master!!!

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