AJE Headpin Challenge Reveal

Welcome to the Art Jewellery Elements Headpin Challenge Reveal!
It should come as no surprise that I love headpins, as I use a LOT of them in my designs (the rings are made with Jen's wonderful lampwork headpins set in silver)....

And it is fair to say I have quiet a large stash of beautiful lampwork headpins in my hoard....

In fact the only thing I was missing for this challenge was extra time, so mine is a work in progress!

My original idea was a set of earrings made with lampwork pins with some beautiful wire wrapping detail, so off I set in search of wire wrapping tutorials (as I am still very much learning wire wrapping) and then I came across this beautiful tutorial by Iza Malczyk and then I got to making and as all the best laid plans do, my design changed! I found the wire wrapping seemed to bulk up the headpin quiet a lot and it suddenly seemed to big for earrings.....

So I got brave, raided my hoard and decided that it would go wonderfully with one of my never ever used before Anne Choi beads (I have been too scared to use them) and it will be finished off with this amazing London Blue Topaz (which will be elaborately wire wrapped also).

So my love affaire with headpins continues! I do hope you will join me in hopping over to all the other blogs to see what every body else has created.


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