January AE COM

January's Art Elements COM was sent to us by our wonderfully talented Lindsay Starr and were these amazing painted leather cabs....

I could not stop thinking how mine looked like some sort of mystical egg! My first thought was that I was going to make some sort of wall hanging so I set about making a wire bezel for my egg.

Then I chose a piece of beautiful burr wood that I brought forever ago (I am all about using up my vast supplies at the moment).

This is a small piece of it, I then waxed it to a beautiful shine and started playing, and it seems my muse is stuck on dragons and books at the moment because this is what I came up with....

I throughly loved making this piece as I got to saw, solder, drill, problem solve, rivet and wire wrap all in one piece!

The hand sawn copper dragon has been riveted 4mm proud of the backing wood so it has a slight shadow. It closes with a charming green and gold ribbon that Linsday also sent me....

and of course it has stunning lampwork head pins by the wonderful Jen Cameron (that I may possibly have been hoarding)!

The back has this lovely quote from Iiona Andrews, Fate's Edge.

Thank you so much Lindsay for hosting this wonderful COM! I do hope you will all join me to see what the others have created....

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