February COM

February's COM was provided by our uber talented Jenny Davies-Razor and were these beautiful polymer hearts, mine was a wonderful deep burgundy colour....

My first plan was to wire wrap it but I could not come up with the right design plus it's gold and I very rarely work with anything gold! So I put it down on a scrap of leather I was working with to contemplate and suddenly I had an idea!

Another journal! 
Just before christmas one of the local independent stationary shops was closing down and I brought a stunning little gold book when the lovely owner (we shopped there quiet often due to my stationary addiction) gifted me the shop display copy for free as it had a slightly scuffed up front cover!!!! 
I loved the slash in the leather and thought that the gold would look lovely shining through it.

I really had so much fun adding a beaded edge (I am rather scared of seed beads, too many colours/sizes/options so the fact I enjoyed edging this was a surprise to me, I may have to try edging a few more things). 

Unfortunately it is one of those things that look better in real life then it dose in photographs (the colours are all slightly off on the screen) but I did manage to catch the gold flash on camera! 

and then there is those beautiful gold pages.

Thank you so much Jenny for the wonderfully inspiring hearts you may have cured my seed bead phobia!

Please join me to see what everyone else has created....

Art Elements team: 

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