Just made whoopie.....

Whoopie pie that is! Found the recipe in the June addition of Sainsbury's Magazine, and its said to be "the new cupcake". With a line like that I had to try it!
"Originating in the Amish communities of New England, whoopie pies began as a thrifty way to use up leftover batter." "A good one should be chewy and slightly soft with a hint of crispness at the edges - and it ain't a whoopie without marshmallow in the filling."
Well the verdicts in and it's a mixed one! The kids loved them (of course because they are very sweet) but surprisingly I did not! This is most unusual as I love most sweets, and cakes, and chocolates, I've got such a sweet tooth that I take 4 sugars in my coffee, but the marshmallow cream was just too much for me! They have 6 different variations on this recipe so I might try a different one and change the filling to a plain vanilla cream and just scoff the marshmallows!
PDC is much harder then first thought! I was thinking go to a charrity shop and 'save' some 'great' beads or costume jewellery and bring it back to life. Well even with 3 local charrity shops that was not to be the case. The best I got was a string of glass pearls (and another book that was swiftly hidden as I'm not supost to buy any "more" books hehehehe)! So more thinking needed.....

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