Soldering success!!!!

First ever attempt at soldering was a success!!
It has taken me months to pluck up the courage to finally solder something but I am glad to report that soldering sounds worse than it is, and I cant wait to do more!

Latest silver clay piece. Made from an imprint of an antique button, set with blue sapphire cab and attached to a silver clay bail. It has been polished in a tumbler for 2 hours so has a dimmpled effect that makes it twinkle in the light. Not sure if im going to put it back in to finish it off or leave it like this, but I'm thinking blue stones, big pearls and maybe some ribbon?? We will see...


  1. Congrats on the soldering! The clasp looks great.

    Laura x

  2. Thanks laura,
    Seems it was beginers luck as the next lot not so good but had sooo much fun I'm going to stick with it!


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