project luck

I started this a few months back. Basically my very best friend Fleur has the very worse luck in the world. So I thought I would see what I can do to change it. Now I believe luck is all about mental attitude, if you think your lucky you tend to see things in a more positive light and so on, but I thought it would be fun to look into good luck charms. So I got a cute little pocket size book and wrote her, her very own A-Z of lucky charms! Ok so some were very hard to come up with and a few were kinda made up and a couple were impossible so left unfortunately blank, but she was thrilled with it!
The plan was to surprise her and post her a item off the list every now and again (she lives miles away and I CAN'T drive! I did have lessons but dont have enough awareness to drive its just plain dangerous with me on the road). But as yet I have not got round to sending said charms so thats my plan for the day........ I'm going charm hunting!

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