Again another beautiful day, spent most of the day gardening with the assistance of the mess maker. 

She worked very hard and only stopped digging long enough to pose for one photo..................

With all this sunshine (and me remembering to water them) the veg are growing, there actually growing! I'd say im winning against the slugs but it's a close call they seem to be munching there way through a fair few leaves, and in a couple of cases whole plants but with the help of lots of egg shells (they don't like sliming over the sharp edges), vaseline (they cant grip onto) and empty bottles I should have a few veg to harvest! 
Mess makers sun flower is looking pretty impressive. Its almost taller then me now (which is not that big as I'm only "almost" 5 ft) but its managed to survive the slugs with only one leaf  slightly chomped on!

More news on project luck, well did not find anything yesterday and was not doing to well today until I came home from food shopping and then I stumbled upon letter L!
Apparently nearly all cultures believe that the ladybird is lucky, and the more spots the luckier! Any way rambling aside I could not send her the ladybird (don't think it would be considered lucky if dead) so managed to get a pic of it instead.......

Now I need to decide what to do with it. Send her pic in email/put photo in frame/keying/necklace??? Possibilities are endless!!!


  1. Mess Maker is quite the cutie!

    Glad you're getting one over on the slugs.

    Laura x

  2. Although the ladybug is cute, Mess Maker is the star of this posting. :-)
    x x x


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