Strawberrys and birthdays

Our first strawberry was ready today and as I had promised it to the girl she decided to have it with pink milk!

So far all the veg left after the last giant slug attack are doing really well, they are still alive and green and some even have flowers on!!!!
Been quiet a busy day today as the boy gently 'reminded' me it's only 7 days till his birthday so we have been looking at birthday cakes and discussing presents and friends to tea, Then I remembered fathers day is also soon, 20th oh my gosh 5 days! 
Now flicking through my diary to see that my other half's sisters' birthday and my mothers are less then a week apart and  not even 3 weeks away! Ahhhh MUST look for gifts!!!
Completed Tinkerbells wings last night so I only have her arms left and then I can start my first teddy bear. So my plan for tonight is to be away with the fairies!


  1. Good one !
    Some one / one of us ......
    ate our first strawberry. Pick and pop ! :-)
    x x x

  2. lol I think some one in out house hold might be doing the same as they seem to be disappearing now!


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