PDC 4 complete!

Metal clay over food, sounds easy!!!
First attempt......

Not as easy as it sounds! This was dried pasta, the problem was that it absorbed all the moisture out of the clay and did not dry, even after 3 days so I fired it any way to see what happened and wow I was stunned at how long it burned and how big the flames got! Ah well lesson learnt I moved on to second attempt.....

Can you guess what it is? It's a cheerio!!!
It also absorbed the moisture in the clay so I drilled a couple of holes in it and baked it on a low temp for an hour then left it for a day just to make sure it was completely dry. I made it in to a quick bracelet with some bits I had laying around....

But think I would really like a bracelet made of lots of cheerio and a nice chunky chain need to get more silver clay slip first tho!
PDC 5 is........... Creation to completion.

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