Unfinnished buisness

Do you ever start something and never seem to get round to finishing it?
I seem to do this all the time! Today I was tiding up (house bound due to heavy rain) and came across a piece of sewing that I started over a year ago!
The thing is I do a bit, then I put it down and then thats it, it gets lost in a draw or a cubard an I forget all about it. I've started several pieces of sewing in my life but never have I finished one.
So I have decided to blog about it, so that now the pressure is on and I have to finish it! As a little reward (lol I like rewards) I have ordered a teddy bear kit, but I have to finish Tinkerbell first!

Its JUST her arms and wing that needs finishing, not much. I want to have it finished by the end of this month.
On the jewelry (pdc) front I should have at least 2 pairs to post tomorrow depending on the postman!

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