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Hope every one out there has had a great bank holiday weekend! I had a busy weekend (enjoying the sunshine) and have a very busy week ahead as the children are off school. Already prepared for the endless "I'm board/I've got nothing to do/I don't want to do that/go there".
I have endless ideas to keep them all busy but will they work, 3 very diffrent children and only one me to go round??? We will see!!!
No finished jewelery to post yet but a few on the go, and lots of ideas! 

Now as I have nothing to show of my own I thought I would post a pick of the last piece of jewelery I brought. I dont normally buy myself jewellery as I dont often wear it (I dont like feeling constricted) but I do have an adiction to beautiful things, and when I saw this I loved it......

Photo by Ivy

I came across it on esty (I love esty)! Its made by the wonderful Ivy WoodRose. I reaily love this pendent. Its made from  PMC set in a silver bezel, colored with resin then sanded flush with the bezel to look like glass. I love the way it looks in the light the colors so bright and bold and it's finished perfectly! Now I had seen Ivys work before in Art Jewelry magazine (in the Rio Grande ads) But could not belive my luck when I stumbled across her shop! I was so impresed I'm going to save for another piece!

Now my jewelry collection is expanding I reaily should make more effort to wear it, and I must get a jewelery box!
To all that have read this far have a wonderful day! x

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