The very best day!

Ever had one of those days where every thing just goes right???
Well I'm having one of those days today and loving it!
It started with a lay in.....(I never get one of those, mess maker is up at 7 on the dot every morning with out fail, even earlier on a some occasions) Then the 'girl & boy' were packed up and sent to school all excited to be going back on the first day and seeing all their friends.
Next a surprise phone call from the council saying that we had been short listed and in the top 10 for a three bedroom newly built flat a few miles down the road. (Where we are now we are classed as over crowded as the girl and boy share a tiny room and the mess maker is in our room with us and we were beginning to lose all hope). I kept reminding myself it dose not mean we will get it were just in the top 10, dont get hopes up!!!
Then off to coffee with my wonderful other half before he had to go off to work. 
When I arrive home what is waiting on the door mat for me??? My fantastic new Beads by Laura in a wondrous array of spotty colors! As well as a collection of beautiful rough fancy colored natural sapphires!
Then another surprise phone call from before mentioned council man saying that he was in the area and could he pop round just so I could confirm some details? So of course I said yes!
He came round and was very nice I answered some quick questions and he said we were in the top five and it looked likely that they will offer us a place!!!!! Of course still not getting hopes too high not definite. The place will be finished in July and we will be kept informed as to there decision!
Just as I think things cant get better the kids come home in fantastic moods (which was surprising as they canceled district sports day and the girl was supposed to be doing long jump and had been looking forward to it for ages) And they have been in great spirits all afternoon.
Then the icing on the cake I just brought some more of Lauras wonderful beads.......

Fab photo by Laura!

in black and white the exact color scheme I have been looking for! So many thanks to Laura you have helped make me one very happy chick!
Even the rain could not put a dampener on my day as when I went out it was lovely and sunny and because it rained it ment I did not have to do the 20 trips to and from the sink to water the getting very large veg!
I have also managed to pack in 2 solid hours of sewing with tinker bell and predict that with 8 hours more it will be complete!
I even got round to listing my first item in my esty shop! I'm starting small as I dont even have packaging sorted out yet but it all seems to be slowly getting there!
So too all you fantastically wonderful people out there I do hope you are having as wonderful a time as me xxx


  1. Good luck with your house
    Kids need space :-)
    x Beads are great, but important things first :-)x x x

  2. Wow you have indeed had a good day! Pleased that you like the beads, Niky.

    Laura x

  3. Thanks for your kind words and I Love them Laura, you are seriously talanted!


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