PDC 3 Complete

Hello lovely people, another strange day today as I received a phone call in the morning from my previous employer offering me a job! I was completely gob smacked as the offer came out of the blue, but really flattered that they wanted me back and spoke so highly of me. It's always nice to have a confidence boost!
My byzantine charm bracelet has been very popular, so much so that I got my first commission! It's for a 16th birthday present.

PDC 3 photo plates: is now complete!

The drawing was based on a peacock feather. Drawn by hand and then copied onto the computer and printed as a black outline on OHP paper. Next the image it was sandwiched between a photo plate and a sheet of glass, clamped down and put under a UV light for 4 minuets (you can do it in day light but time differs) Then it was washed with soapy water with a nail brush to wash out all the uncured plate and put back under the UV light to completely cure it. Easy as that!
Then you are left with a kind of stamp with your design on. The possibilities are endless and I will defiantly use ppp again!

This one was made out of the copper clay that I had left. I would liked to have left it to get that aged green effect but could not find any ammonia in time (and did not like the suggestion on one web site too pee on it, not going to happen!) so using what I had to hand (I would like to be able to enamel or use resin but one new thing at a time) I painted it with green nail polish (I've never worn it I just liked the color), then used polishing papers to bring it too a high shine.
I think I will keep the plate to do in silver when I eventually get some resins.

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