Thick fog!

You could really feel christmas in the air this morning, there was a beautiful layer of white glittering frost covering the roof tops and the edges of the fallen leaves, and the fog was so thick it was like walking through the clouds.

This was at 3.30pm the fog just kept getting thicker!

I love ths time of year, it was just cold enough that the tips of our noses went red but not so cold as to freeze and stiffen our fingers! Its hard not to be inspired when every thing looks like it should be in a fairytale, it makes me want to put up all the christmas decorations and turn our home into a winter wonderland! Alas it is too early tho, even for me, so I will have to make do with making christmas cards later on!
I spent most of today making more clasps, I love how there are so many diffrent ways to make a simple clasp and found it quiet relaxing! Here are a few that are ready to use...

 I just have to wait for more head pins and jump rings then I can finally finish off some of my many "almost there" bits of jewellery (I have so many "almost there" bits that I have designated them an unfinished projects draw)!!!!

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