February Theme Challenge Reveal – Letters

So I may have completely used the Art Elements theme (this month set by out wonderful leader Jen) as a complete excuse to buy lots of books and stationary! 

These books are amazing (and only a small handful of the ones I brought, not to mention that I took books out from the library as well) It is safe to say most of my month was taken up reading and watching you tube classes on how to do calligraphy.

Or browsing (and buying) art supplies, I love that pens and inks are relatively cheap compared to the prices of silver, gold and designer cabochons!
I had so many idea of things I wanted to do....
  • a necklace made up of hand sawn words from silver sheet metal that would wrap around the neck and was set with beautiful stones in-between 
  • dangly earrings from soldered wire that spelt out dream on on one earring and dreamer on the other
  • design my own coffee mug for work
  • write on my walls and frame it!!!
  • Paint my Childs cupboard in chalk board paint and practice chalk lettering (with the excise it was for him)
  • label everything
  • some form of book art
I have really enjoyed walking around this month and looking at all the beautiful word art/lettering that is out there, things that normally I would have missed because I was not looking!...

I love the name sign of this bar, with the little humming bird as the dot above the letter i and the weathered street sign saying gin and cocktail bar.

Even the opening hours on the door are beautifully designed.

I did not manage to create very much this month and have surrendered to the idea that calligraphy takes time and effort to get the hang of.... 

 As you can see from some of the sheets I have done, I am trying and WOW I guess I have gotten to used to typing things up because hand writing is SLOW! 

 The difference between my first attempt and my most current practice. I am getting better just very slowly! 

I did manage to do a quick water colour and attempt a design for my coffee mug....

I need alot more practice but who knew writing can be such fun!

Please do join in with the blog hop, I can't wait to see what every one has created....
Art Elements Team


  1. You remind me that I really should get some books about hand-letting and play around. I've learned one or two on the fly, but haven't really sat down and made an attempt to improve on what I already know. And, there's SO MUCH out there now to explore on the subject. Your practices are so precise and exact! I'm not sure I could ever be so meticulous with my handwriting, even if one of my contributions does include some hand-letting, it's nothing as beautiful as what you've included here. I do hope you get to some of the projects on your list - they sound like fun!

  2. Your practice letters look great. I almost bought new calligraphy pens for this challenge. Pens of any kind are one of my obsessions. Your water colors with lettering are fabulous and I love the overall design for the mug.

  3. Your practice lettering is really really good! It does take time and patience and practice. I've been doing it for years but haven't in a while and b/c of that my writing was very rusty. It is definitely something that has to be done slowly. I seem to want to rush the writing and it goes poorly when I do that. I absolutely love the coffee design!! It's perfect!

  4. I tried calligraphy decades ago. I found that I wasn't willing to put the time into it. It does demand practice. If I were you, I would stay with it. If I had stayed with it.

  5. That is what is great about the theme's trying something new (and of course the purchases)!
    I love those two cards you created - I think the lettering is wonderful!

  6. Don't low ball yourself, your hand lettering is pretty good. The fact that you practiced before you wrote shows your commitment and sincerity.

  7. Love it! Your practice alphabets look really consistent and neat! I love those Faber Castel pens, have a few colors. That set looks yummy. I like the coffee cup design - esp that dear quote from Leo!

  8. NIky your lettering is so neat and clear and as someone with illegible handwriting I so envy you. I have the same pen set but having developed carpal tunnel syndrome I'm never going to achieve this. Lovely work.

  9. Niky, I had a feeling this theme would be right up your alley - letters implying books and all. You've done a great job with your lettering, and I just love that coffee mug design! (While I thought you'd have book covers for the reveal, this is no less exciting. :-) )


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