A - Antiquity

April A - Z

I was hopeing to do some thing jewellery related for each letter but hey this is me and I am more often then not rather random so we will see shall we???


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Antiquity (noun) and ancient (adjective of antiquity, or obsolete noun for an old person) may 
refer to:
civilization-based human history or prehistory. The term is most often used of Classical 
antiquity, the classical civilizations of the Mediterranean, especially Ancient Greece and 

So I bring you my Ancient Roman bangle which also happens to be my first attempt at a salt and 
vinegar patina....

This bangle was inspired by Cindy Wimmer's Twist Again link from her fab book The Missing Link
I'm not 100% happy with how it turned out, So I will have to make a couple more and I still need 
to find something better to seal it with as the green keeps coming off even after 5 coats of 
sealant, but it was fun to make!

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