Blah, I am having one of those days where I just can not think of the right thing to type (possibly due to the horrible change in weather, winter is definitely coming, or the massive pile of dishes that need washing up, they are going no where in a hurry, because, I am definitely lacking in motivation today)!
So something shiny to cheer me up....

My first attempt at riveting turned out rather well, It is one of those lovely watery/magical type of beads that really is just so beautiful to look at! This wonderful bead is one of a set I got at The Big Bead Show in October and is by the very talented Sarah Downton

It looks so lovely on I even painted my nails to match! 

Please don't forget to pop by on 25th November to see what we all made for the Art Charm Exchange and for your chance to bid on some of the really beautiful charms in the Charity Auction, with the profits going to the amazing charity Beads of Courage. If you have not heard of the work Beads of Courage do then follow the link it really is inspiring and there are many ways you can help!

So now I am back to feeling fully motivated and incredibly lucky again (amazing how beads can do that), bring on the dishes so I can go singing in the rain!

Have a great day lovely people xxx

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