AJE Reveal Day

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Last month I got very lucky and won a guest spot to play along with the Art Jewelry Elements team and their component of the month, as soon as I saw the post with the beautiful dragon guarding his hoarded treasures I thought "oh look that's me, must enter!" and I am so glad I did because this is the treasure I won.... 

It is a supper stunning Lampwork focal from the very talented Susan Kennedy of Sue Beads, oh and I loves it, so much (my precious)! 
If there was not a deadline with which to create some thing with this little treasure I can say with out a doubt that it would remain hoarded, placed upon my bead display and occasionally taken down to stroke and caress, with the excuse that I do not have anything that goes with it! When in reality most of my beads would go with this little lovely as it has all the colours that I love, oh and the amazing texture!

OK so you get that I LOVE the bead, now the next part was the hardest, committing it to a design! So many of my beads are in these beautiful browns and blues that the possibility's seemed endless, So I placed it on a sheet of white paper on my dinning table and slowly started adding trinkets and treasures, for what seemed like an eternity, I added piles of pearls, shiny brown looking pebbles, sea shells (all seemed to have a sea type theme) until I came up with my final design, that was nothing like what I originally envisioned.....

This piece was an absolute pain to photo, but never the less I tried. It's just one of those pieces that look better in the flesh!

Here it is being modelled by my rather cheeky daughter who tried to claim this piece.... erm NO, bad teenage child, place it on the table and slowly walk away!

I went rummaging through my treasure chest (well technically it's a very old spice chest but I use it for my treasure) and pulled out some little loveys that I thought would go with the focal....

So there is a prong set Roman coin, and sweet little prong set ammonite, a blue chalcedony set onto a three pence coin connector....

This supper little Larimer set in silver that was a wonderful gift from the lovely Lori Anderson, a faceted dark pearl and a supper cute but can't remember the maker (I think it was a gift) lampwork bird!
So there you have it, my finished design!

It's a keeper! Now I am off to get yet another cup of coffee and enjoy looking at what everyone else has made and if you would like to join me here are the links.....

I hope you have a wonderful day lovely people and if it is snowing where you are, Stay safe xxx

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