January Year of jewelry project

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I joined up with the facebook The Year of Jewelry Project again this year and although I think I have shown most of these I thought it would be nice to have them all in a post together with the weekly themes (which I am trying hard to stick to), so here goes....

Week one - A Personal Talisman for my Year

These hidden treasure locket have by far been my most popular design ever, also six pence's are supposed to be lucky in the UK!

Week two - Birthstone of the Month: Garnet

This piece was a special commission for the daughter of a very lovely lady. It's extra special as the coins are from the recipients year of birth (I hope she likes it)!

Week three - Try a Tutorial!

This piece is from the AMAZING book by Lisa Barth, Timeless Wire Weaving and I love it!

Week four - Hammer It!

The start of my modern princess collection, Cinderella Earrings. Disc's coin hammered.

Week five - Squares

This week I was rather busy with a last minute commission, so I made super sweet and simple prong set moonstone studs!

Have a wonderful day lovely people x

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