Summer holiday part one, Paris

*Warning Photo Over Load, proceed with caution and a tasty beverage possibly also a bar of chocolate!*

Ahhh, I am so behind on every thing at the moment, I blame poor time management and a jolly good summer holiday! This year we decided to leave the UK (which we never do) and head to Paris for a week of fun and it was magnificent!

Eiffel Tower

We stayed 10 minutes from the Eiffel Tower over looking the Seine River, it was really lovely.


The Eiffel Tower was just stunning, at night it all lights up and every hour on the hour for ten minutes it sparkles and twinkles like a million hyperactive fairies!!!

Night Life

One thing we really noticed about the difference between the UK and France is how much every thing just comes to life at night!!!

Under the Eiffel Tower

 Second Floor Looking up to the Top

My Little Adventurer Insisted on Going to the Very Top!

Where she took this and many other small people views of the tower

Inside the Tower

Inside the tower, we had to go up in the lifts as we had the little one in his buggy and there was no way we could have carried him and the buggy up all those stairs, but I would rather like to go up the steps next time!

The View From the Top of the Tower

Over Looking the Seine River

Boat Trip up the River

Little Details Every Where

The Bridges Were So Beautiful

 The Arc de Triomphe

Notre Dame Cathedral

The "Love Lock" bridge or Pont des Arts. 

The tradition goes that a couple with their initials carved into a padlock visit the bridge and attach the padlock to the rails then throw the keys into the Seine as a sign of there commitment to each other. Unfortunately so many locks have been added to the bridge that the weight was becoming a safety concern and so most of the panels over the bridge have been removed. They have been replaced with these very cool non padlockable street art panels! 

I blurred out some of the scribble on this one so I could print it out for my wall at home!

These were really lovely works of art but I believe they are only temporary

Random cat fish street art down by the river

Very powerful piece of street art 

At the Flea Market 

Flea Market

Once you battle your way through all the junk stalls in the centre you find these amazing little streets and a whole Mall type building stuffed full of treasures and of course there were a few bead shops to be found too!!!

Midnight Fair Ground

Paris really dose come to life at night, one night on the way back to the hotel we came across a huge fair ground that was still open at midnight (you don't get that in the UK they normally close before 11pm) and to say the Little's were excited was an understaitment! We had an amazing night of fair ground rides and candy floss (mostly eaten by me) and the "best night ever"as stated by Lana!

Inside the Louvre

It's no secret that I LOVE museums and so we spent a whole day at the Louvre and we still did not get to see every thing! Amazing!

The Displays Are Amazing

The Celling of a Tomb

I could have spent a whole day just going around the Ancient Egyptian part alone and plan to go back when the children are alot older, so I can have more time there, maybe get one of the audio tours and wonder slowly around taking my time and enjoying the beautiful things!

Stunning Ancient Vase

Amazing Ceilings

I think this was part of the Napoleon suite but can't be sure at this point I was just taking as many photos as I could, there was just so much to see!



I must resurch these painting I would love to know who painted them and the story behind them.

Galerie d'Apollon of the Louvre

I Just Love These Two!

The Three Grace's

Of course having my own Grace (who is almost 16!) I am obliged to take photos of anything and every thing that has her name in!

Coins and tiny heads

Oh how I covet these, and what a beautiful necklace they would make!

Venus de Milo

Egyptian Fragments

If you would like to see more photos of the Louvre (mostly jewellery and bead related) check out my Seeking inspiration at the louvre post over at Art Jewelry Elements blog and hopfully I will chat to you all again soon (so much more to show and tell on)!

Have a great day wonderful people x

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