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Art Jewelry Elements October themed challenge is Ravens and was picked by our Amazing Karen of Starry Road Studio!
My first thought was to hunt out for inspirational quotes on ravens, and thats were I stumbled upon The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe (I can't believe I had never heard it before) and then idea's started flying!

My first idea was to draw out a raven and possibly etch it in copper (some thing I have not yet done) but I struggled to draw it how I wanted it and changed to a simpler idea, feathers and outlines!

I wanted to make a pair of raven feather earrings with black stones and rugged looking feathers, a pendent with a raven and a moon, a piece using that beautiful huge garnet I had been hoarding for ages, oh a triptych piece with an old castle window and a raven perched on the ledge with closing window shutters, and a flying raven on a shield inspired by the Raven Master at the Tower of London, and a beautiful paper cutting that I had seen of a raven with a starry sky! Too many ideas and not enough time!!!

I stared cutting sheet metal into feathers and ravens....

and then got distracted with more ideas! Until I had to stop myself and choose just one idea to work on!

 So I chose the shield idea and decided I wanted to make it a hollow bead, I did the part that I thought was going to be the hardest, the working out the angles and making of the frame and it all worked beautifully until I had to solder on the front plate to the frame and oh my disaster struck....

I managed to over heat the piece and melt my flying raven! Ah well too many ideas to stop and sulk, so I moved onto the next one and here's how that turned out....

Confidence in soldering restored, I decided I liked the standing raven so much that I would cut a few more, but this time I wanted a piece inspired by The Raven poem! For me it's about love and lost and so with this in mind here's what I created....

Stamped and soldered part way through, I finally used my huge garnet....

"Perched and sat and nothing more" It still needs a little finishing off but I love this piece....

I need a shot of it being worn but my model is out of town for a couple of days so I shall have to post that shot when I have finished off some more of the work in progress pieces!

Yep, I rather like them! Thank you Karen for choosing such an awesome theme! Please check out what every one else has created too!

Art Jewelry Elements Team:
Lesley Watt
Jenny Davies-Reazor
Phantasm Creations
Caroline Dewison
Linda Landig
Niky Sayers

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