AJE November Component of the Month

Hello lovely people, today is the reveal day for AJE November Component of the Month! November's components were supplied by the Amazingly Talented Caroline of BlueberriBeads and were these stunning Lichen pieces....

Of course as always I forget to take before photo's so I have pinched Caroline's pic!  Don't they look amazing and so beautifully organic!
Now what did come as a bit of a surprise when I opened my package was the amazing colour of the tiny pools of glass in the centre of the cab, I just assumed it was a dark blue but it's the most wonderful amethyst colour and that is what inspired my design, tumbling amethysts! 

Everything has been hammered to try to keep quiet an organic feel but it is still a work in progress,  I'm not happy with the lay out of the chain so the rough amethyst will be moved to make a more asymmetric design as soon as I have some beach pebbles or some sort of grey stone to add in!

Of course there is a little hidden message on the back, a little reminder inspired by thanks giving (which unfortunately we don't have in the UK) to be thankful. Surprisingly the LOS gave the back of this piece a beautiful pinkie/purple colour which you can only just see in the photo but I really like it!

Thank you so much Caroline for you wonderful component, I really enjoyed designing with it! Now I can't wait to see what everyone else has created with theres!!!

Please join me....


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